Dr. Morrison performing adjustment on child

Hillsboro Chiropractor Dr. Morrison Provides Specific, Natural Care

Discover the Morrison Chiropractic Difference

Hillsboro chiropractor Dr. Morrison understands the importance of chiropractic care, which is why he believes in efficient adjustments tailored to your specific needs. His gentle, individualized approach allows for quick adjustments that fit seamlessly into your daily life. With Dr. Morrison, your time is valuable and your health is the top priority.

Chiropractic Adjustment table

Put Bad Days to Bed

If you’re tired of persistent pain and discouraged by day-to-day limitations, you have come to the right place! With the help of his passionate staff, Dr. Morrison provides his patients with a comfortable, relaxing chiropractic environment designed to enhance patients’ overall experience while offering them a gateway to expressing higher health.

At Morrison Chiropractic, bad days are nonexistent. The reward of seeing improvement in others is simply too great. All is well when YOU are well.


Gentle, Transformative Chiropractic

Whether it be alleviating the pain of a patient with a sports injury, helping women with infertility issues, or aiding patients in work-related limitations, Dr. Morrison does not hesitate to guide anybody to their fullest expression of life. His gentle, detailed adjustments are designed to satisfy your body’s unique needs. While most of his adjustments are done by hand, specific trigger work is available if necessary.

By way of the initial consultation and first exam, Dr. Morrison listens to your concerns, studies your charts, and provides care that works for you. You are his primary consideration. Your health is his central focus.